3 Common Misconceptions About Muay Thai Training

There are plenty of misconceptions regarding Muay Thai and the training involved. This is mainly because of how many people tend to come up with their own stories without even trying to find out what’s true or not.


Chances are, you’ve heard some of these misconceptions and that they may have scared you away from trying to train in Muay Thai.

That being said and done, here are a couple of common misconceptions about Muay Thai training and the truth behind them.

  1. This is a common misconception, probably brought upon by the intimidating and chiseled 6-pack abs and bodies of plenty of professional Muay Thai fighters. While it’s true that they do have such bodies, people aren’t required to be like them to be able to start training.

Muay Thai, just like other combat sports, has different levels of training and individuals are free to choose which level they feel most comfortable training at.

In the gym, beginners are often assessed and grouped under various fitness levels. And yes, even the huge, round and pudgy guys get a shot at training.

Remember, it is only through such dedicated training that one can achieve a very fit and lean figure. You may be a bit on the heavy side right now, but if you start and pick up the gloves, you’ll definitely be in line for a transformation.

  1. Yes, Muay Thai is dominated by males, especially in Thailand. In the past, women were also prohibited from learning the art and most especially, competing in the ring. But, these days, things have changed and Muay Thai has changed to welcome both men and women.

Proof of this is the growing number of women fighting in the professional ranks these days. More and more women also see the benefits of such training, choosing Muay Thai as their combat sport of choice to help with their fitness regime

More importantly, though, women these days have realized how important self defense is. With Muay Thai is one of the more deadly arts out there and learning a few moves could definitely come useful for women if the situation calls for it.

  1. Extremely physical? Yes. Violent?A big no. Much like in other combat sports, Muay Thai fighters see their fair share of blood every now and then. But, for trainees, they’re often trained under strict and proper supervision. Some gyms even require their trainees to wear all the protective gear when training or else they’re not able to join.

True, injuries and bruises do happen toMuay Thai, but the same also goes for another spectator combat sport.

Muay Thai is indeed a highly physical combat sport, but what spectator sport is not? Fact is, whether you’re planning on doing Muay Thai for fitness, or for protection, or just for fun, or to even be a professional, training in this particular sport is NOT as bad as people may make it seem like.

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