3 Key Reasons Why You Need The Proper Muay Thai Gear and Clothing

If you plan on taking up Muay Thai soon, there’s a huge chance that you’re debating on whether you should invest in the proper training gear or not. After all, you’ll mostly think of it only as the typical day at the gym, where your typical gym attire is going to do you good. Plus the boxing gloves, that is. But, the truth is, a day training Muay Thai is far from your typical day in the gym.


Think about it. You’ll be using your knees, elbows, feet, shin and fists all throughout your training. And, without the proper gear, you’re only putting yourself at risk of injuring yourself or of injuring others.

That said, if you’re really serious about taking up Muay Thai anytime soon, you may want to invest in quality gear first.

To convince you even further to do so, here are 3 (three) key reasons why you should do so.

  1. Compared to other fight sports, training in Muay Thai exposes you to all sorts of risks. Now, this doesn’t mean that Muay Thai makes you prone to injury, but the training does involve you getting more than a few bumps and bruises along the way. And, if you don’t invest in the right training gear, bumps and bruises will be the least of your worries. Even worse is that training without the proper protective gear also exposes your training partner to the same risk of injury as you are.
  1. To be a Muay Thai fighter, you have to look like one. You don’t necessarily have to spend for brand-name gear, but rather, just buy the ones that you can afford without having to cheap out on things.
  1. Improved Results. The safer you are in training, the less time you’ll have to spend recovering and the faster you’ll also improve. The same could also be said if you can spend more time training because you don’t receive much bumps and bruises. True, pro fighters don’t rely on such protective gear while in the ring. But, during training, they receive as much protection as they can get to prevent injury. So, if the pros are doing it, there’s just no reason why you shouldn’t too as well.

If you’re convinced, then be sure to shop online ASAP and look for the best bargains on quality Muay Thai stuff that you can find.

Also, when training, remember to keep yourself hydrated. You’ll be sweating a lot more than usual, so you may not get used to it, so be sure to make a conscious effort to drink plenty of water.

Another thing to remember is to wash up after training. There’s just no reason why you shouldn’t do this and a ton of reasons why you should. If there’s no shower at the gym, or you don’t feel like doing so there, then do so at home after leaving.

Remember, training Muay Thai is more than just showing up at the gym. You also have to invest in the proper gear as well, and of course, you have to prepare yourself mentally for all the pounding you’re bound to receive.

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