3 Reasons to Invest in Proper Muay Thai Training Gear

While it’s true that the money you spend on your training gear doesn’t translate to how much you’re going to gain from it, it’s still important to invest in the proper gear for Muay Thai training. Why so? Because Muay Thai is a martial art. And, unlike your typical day at the gym, it requires a proper set of equipment for you to be able to function well while in class.

Still, saying that you need it to function well in class isn’t going to convince you to buy yourself the proper training gear.


As such, here are 3 reasons why you’d really want to buy yourself some proper gear for your Muay Thai training.

  • Comfort and flexibility. Muay Thai shorts aren’t your typical shorts. They’re much shorter and made out of softer and lighter materials so as to allow freedom of movement. If you’re practicing Muay Thai and not worrying shorts meant for it, you’re bound to have a very hard time. Or in worse cases, you may even end up injuring yourself.
  • Speaking of injuries, Muay Thai isn’t exactly the safest sport to practice without any training gear on. Headgears, elbow pads, shin guards, ankle braces and hand tapes should all be in your gym bag at all times, especially when you’re training. Not every single one of those is all that necessary, but once you get into the more advanced stuff, you’ll be sorry that you didn’t listen when I told you that you needed to wear ankle braces.
  • Overall look and style. They say that if you look the part, you’ve already solved half the equation. And, with the proper training gear, you’re going to look like someone who’s really committed to spending hours training Muay Thai. Now, the only thing you’d need to worry about is actually delivered and preparing yourself mentally for the physicality of the training.

Buying Muay Thai Gear

Unfortunately, if you want to choose from a wide selection of Muay Thai, you’d have to do so online. That is, unless you’re living in Thailand, which is highly unlikely. That said, the internet is your best bet to go shopping for the right gears and accessories.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of articles and resource information to help guide you as to which gear you’re going to need and which brands are worth investing in. More importantly, you’ll also find plenty of articles online that should help lead you to the best online shops for training gear with bargain prices.

If you can buy it from a physical store, though, then do it. Considering that it’s probably your first time to shop for Muay Thai gear, you’d have little knowledge about the proper sizing and proper fit. As such, you’ll want to try on the stuff you’re going to buy first before actually purchasing them.

All in all, Muay Thai is a fun sport to practice and even more enjoyable if you do it with the proper training gear.

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