6 Reasons To Take Up And Train in Muay Thai

Most people, when it comes to physical activity, tend to favour conventional sports and weight lifting over pretty much anything else. Martial arts come in at a close third, or even second, but that just doesn’t do it enough justice.


Why? Because taking up martial arts, suchas Muay Thai, presents so many benefits that it’s not even a question of why, but rather, when.

If you’re curious as to how taking up Muay Thai can benefit you, then be sure to read on below.

  1. Self-defense. It seems pretty obvious, but it’s something that you just can’t understate. Self defense is and will always be the main reason why it’s worth your time to take up Muay Thai, or any other form of martial art for that matter.
  1. It challenges you. Have you ever read about a certain quote where being in your comfort zone may be good and all, but it’s not going to do you any good in the long run? Well, training in Muay Thai puts you out of your comfort zone at all times. Or, to put it simply, it challenges you and by trying to overcome the challenge, you slowly build a tolerance to your initial instinct to quit. This is a vital mind set for those who want to be successful in life.
  1. Stress Relief. Any form of martial art could stand in for Muay Thai in this particular case. Though, many would argue that there’s much more stress to be relieved in Muay Thai as it’s much more of a whole body training / workout as compared to other forms of martial arts.
  1. Muay Thai, unlike other martial arts, encourages you to use eight points of contact – your elbows, knees, arms and legs and a hidden ninth, which is your head. By training in Muay Thai, you effectively learn to use every part of your body to defend yourself, or if needed, demolish someone.
  1. Cardiovascular training. Because of how Muay Thai is more of a complete workout than other martial arts, it’s also better for your cardiovascular conditioning. Between the increased obesity rates and chances of having heart complications as we age, many people could definitely use more cardiovascular training.
  1. The need to compete is somehow one of the needs of human beings, especially among men. If you’re determined and hard-working, you could find a way to fill that need in the ring against other nakmuay. Who knows, you could be the next big thing in Muay Thai and the only thing stopping you from being so is you stepping inside a Muay Thai Gym and taking up a few classes as a start.

Muay Thai isn’t the only martial art in the world, but it’s hard to deny that it’s one of the best. And, with the many benefits that it brings to just about anyone, it’s even harder to argue as to why one SHOULD NOT take it up as the martial art form of choice.

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