7 Reasons Why Women Need to Train in Muay Thai

It’s often said these days that we should start teaching our boys and men to stop raping women. Though, when you think about, who ever said that women shouldn’t try to, at least, protect themselves?Guys may be the first thing that comes into your mind that train in Muay Thai, but the truth is, women should consider trying it too!




  1. It empowers you. Lifting weights in the gym, or jogging will teach you how to overcome your limits, but there’s just something different about kneeing a jerk in the gut for saying something bad to you. If you don’t want to be seen as the weaker sex, prove to men that you aren’t.
  2. It makes you look hot. Yes, yes. We all know how many women don’t take up physical fitness to look hot, but it’s an inevitable side effect. Muay Thai, for example, is one of the best cardio exercises out there. Pair that with the proper diet and you’ll be looking at chiseled-abs and flat tummies for your summer escapades.
  1. It makes you capable of defending yourself. Just to make things clear, don’t try to fight someone who has every intention to kill you for what’s in your purse. Though, if you do find yourself in such a situation where you can’t run, you at least know how to defend yourself. This is a definite must for women who get their fair share of creepy guys who just don’t know how to back off after you’ve already said no.
  1. You may enjoy it. As much as you may have hated all the time your brother spent watching WWE or UFC, you may end up watching it with him as soon as you start training.
  1. You may discover a hidden talent. Who knows, aside from enjoying the training, you may end up discovering how talented of a fighter you really are. You could even go pro if your ceiling is really that high.
  1. You’ll be standing up against sexism. In a field that’s dominated mostly by men, practicing Muay Thai is a huge slap on society’s sexist face. It tells them that you have no problems NOT conforming to society and that you’re more than man enough to enter a “man’s world”.
  1. You’ll be making a lot of friends. No man, or in this case, woman is an island. During training, you’ll definitely meet up with a few women who are like you, and a lot of men who respect what you’re trying to do. You may even end up sharing a brotherly bond with your mates, which is nice since you know that they’ll always have your back.

As you can see, Muay Thai, or Martial Arts in general, aren’t just for men. It’s also for women and the 7 listed above are reason enough for you to think of researching about Muay Thai, or whatever martial art you think may suit your particular needs or interest.

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