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How to Choose the Right Muay Thai Gear

It should go without saying that having the proper training gear and accessories is important when it comes to Muay Thai training. From the proper shorts, down to the ankle braces, you’ll want to

Tips For Training Muay Thai Alone in the Gym

It’s almost an unspoken rule in any martial art that one should never practice alone. After all, what could you do on your own? Sparring with someone is the best way to practice as

3 Key Reasons Why You Need The Proper Muay Thai Gear and Clothing

If you plan on taking up Muay Thai soon, there’s a huge chance that you’re debating on whether you should invest in the proper training gear or not. After all, you’ll mostly think of

The Positive Effects of Muay Thai on Your Life

Muay Thai, just like boxing, is a striking part. But, instead of using just fists, Muay Thai relies on the fists, elbow, knees and feet. That’s eight points of strikes compared to the two

How Muay Thai Training Can Help You Change Your Life

It’s often been said that training in any form of martial arts, such as Muay Thai, has the power to change lives of people for the better.

3 Reasons to Invest in Proper Muay Thai Training Gear

While it’s true that the money you spend on your training gear doesn’t translate to how much you’re going to gain from it, it’s still important to invest in the proper gear for Muay

3 Health Benefits of Muay Thai

With the growing popularity of the UFC and other like organizations, you can’t help but wonder if martial arts are just plain ol’ physical contact sports. While that may be true in many cases,

Five Motivational Tips From Successful Pro Fighters

As practitioners of all sorts of martial arts, from Muay Thai, to Boxing, JiuJitsu, and others, we always come to a point where we hit a huge wall. And sometimes, we let those walls

3 Essential Muay Thai Stretches For More Flexibility

Flexibility is key to being successful in Muay Thai and the one technique that could basically be the symbol of flexibility is the round kick.

3 Common Misconceptions About Muay Thai Training

There are plenty of misconceptions regarding Muay Thai and the training involved. This is mainly because of how many people tend to come up with their own stories without even trying to find out