The Importance of Proper Muay Thai Gear

The Importance of Proper Short Muay Thai

So many people will try to argue that you don’t need every piece of Muay Thai training gear and accessory to practice Muay Thai. While partly true, it’s important to keep in mind that there’s a reason (a lot, in fact) why you’re urged to spend money on the proper gear.

muay thai gloves, Thai boxing gloves

Muay Thai Gloves, Boxing Gloves

Take for example your shorts. If you’re wearing MMA shorts, or boxing shorts, or your basketball shorts to train Muay Thai, chances are, people won’t take you seriously. Why so? Because anyone who’s trained Muay Thai before that the shorts are one of the most vital pieces of equipment in this particular martial art.

Sure, they may be a lot shorter, which is why some people choose not wear them, but they’re that short for a reason. It’s because Muay Thai fighters need as much freedom to move their legs as much as possible. Have you ever tried executing a high kick continuously without having to pull up your shorts? If you have, then you know the struggle and you know exactly how the proper Muay Thai shorts help in that regard.

The shorts, though, are just one of the many things that aren’t being taken seriously by many of those who are supposedly interested in taking up Muay Thai.

If you read on further below, you’ll know a few MUST HAVE training gears and accessories, as well as brief tips on what to buy.

  • Boxing gloves. Not just any boxing gloves, but the 16oz ones. 14oz and 18oz work well too, but the former is better for drill work and the other for sparring. As for the 16oz, it’s balanced enough to be used for both.
  • Mouth guard. You may have paid for platinum dental insurance, but that doesn’t mean you should just forget about protecting your teeth. If you can afford it, go custom-made so the mouth guard fits your mouth perfectly for added protection.
  • Hand wraps. There’s a reason why fighters love wearing these while training and it’s not just for show. Hand wraps keep your wrists wrapped tight, which helps prevent injury. Not only that, but it also adds a bit more cushioning to your fists, allowing you to throw all those punches in training without all the bruising.
  • Skipping rope. Your skipping rope will be your best friend as you progress in your training. Even when you’re new, it’s best to get acquainted with how to use it and the many routines used to help improve footwork.
  • Groin protection. Protect your ding dong at all costs. Nuff’ said.

To get the most out of your training, the right gear and accessories will certainly help. While they’re not the cheapest equipment out there, know that the money you spend is going to be worth it. More so if you’re really serious about Muay Thai.

Speaking of MuayThai, be sure to clean your gear and accessories every now and then. All the sweat and moisture built up during training is bound to make them a zest pool for bacteria, so a little bit cleaning should go a long way.


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