The Positive Effects of Muay Thai on Your Life

Muay Thai, just like boxing, is a striking part. But, instead of using just fists, Muay Thai relies on the fists, elbow, knees and feet. That’s eight points of strikes compared to the two used in boxing. Muay Thai also has clinching in the form of a grapple, as well as vastly different grappling techniques when compared to martial arts such as Brazilian JiuJitsu.


Since the sport requires practitioners to be rather athletic, there’s bound to benefits to be had when practicing Muay Thai.

Listed below are some of the said benefits that one can get from practicing the art of eight limbs.

  • You learn to persevere. Muay Thai training is hard. Physically, it’s taxing and mentally, it wears you down because you know you’re going to take the same amount of beating, day in and day out. But, coaches and instructors know that through the training, you’re going to learn how to persevere and not give up.
  • Muay Thai is one of the best cardio exercises out there in the market. While it’s hard on the body, it’s also both aerobic and anaerobic in nature. As a result, a practitioner’s body adapts to the sport itself and serves as a good way to improve cardiovascular performance.
  • Not many people can boast being able to do a full split, but many advanced Muay Thai practitioners or NakMuays can do it without much of a problem. Having a flexible body helps you avoid serious medical issues and/or conditions later in life. Though, just be sure to get a massage every now and then so that your body feels more amazing than sore.
  • Martial arts start with respect and ends with it. That’s a hard rule in martial arts, and not just in Muay Thai. While other martial artists are really assholes, the majority are not. In fact, many martial artists are some of the most respectful people ever and their training plays a huge role in that.
  • Stress relief. The best way to relieve yourself of stress is to find an outlet. You can write, you can dance, you can sing, or you can do pretty much whatever you like. You can even take up Muay Thai, and that’s something that’s highly recommended. Between all that pad work you do, as well as the time you spend shadow boxing and sparring, it’s likely that all your life’s worries will just fly away. This being so, you’ll most likely come out of training a lot more refreshed than when you came in.

Put it simply, Muay Thai is for everyone and anyone can get something out of it. Though, just make sure that you don’t give yourself quite a shock and jump into the whole training regimen without thinking of what you’re getting into.

Remember, Muay Thai is a combat sport and its training is likely to be harsh. If you’re concerned about your health, or simply want to be safe, be sure to have yourself cleared by a healthcare professional first to avoid aggravating any preexisting condition/s you may have.

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