7 Essential Muay Thai Training Gear Tips For Beginners

There are plenty of Muay Thai equipment you can find floating around online should you want to shop. But, for a beginner, such information could be baffling, if not terrifying, as one may not be able to choose which are necessary, and which are not.


Then again, if there’s one thing that almost all Muay Thai trainees, NakMuay and pro fighters agree in general, it’s that you should NEVER go for the cheapest apparel and accessories available. The reason is that these items supposedly don’t last long and may even lead to injury.


For example, when it comes to kickboxing gloves, you’ll want to invest in something that’s not too cheap, but also one of high quality too. Remember, quality comes with endurance and both come with price, so don’t expect cheap ones to last long.

As a rule of thumb, Muay Thai gear that’s made in Thailand is usually of good quality. Still, the “rule” on never going for the cheapest one applies.

On the other hand, it’s known that equipment from Pakistan isn’t that high of quality. Though, with the exception of Farabi, as it’s received rave reviews from many Muay Thai enthusiasts.

Do also keep in mind that different brands are often made of different materials, which means that they should feel different. Some may feel softer than others, despite being of the same Oz. range, so it’s best to try the gloves out first.

Essential Gears That You’ll Need

Many Muay Thai gyms will probably happily provide you with gloves, shin guards, head guards, etc. Of course, for a price, but it’s generally more hygienic to buy your own.

That said, here are 7 essential gears that you should invest in for your Muay Thai training.

  • Boxing gloves. Remember, don’t cheap out. Though, be careful NOT to overspend as well.
  • Shin guards. These are necessary for sparring, especially for beginners. Your shins are going to be used extensively early on, and since you’re new, you’ll want to wear protection until your leg muscles grow and toughen up.
  • Elbow pads. This is more for the protection your sparring partner than for yourself when practicing elbow strikes.
  • Mouth guard. You wouldn’t want to lose a few sets of teeth now, wouldn’t we? If you can afford, go custom. They’ll fit quite nicely with your teeth and will provide much more protection than the ones you can buy right off the bat.
  • Head gear. This isn’t all too popular with advanced pro fighters, even when they’re sparring. But, you’ll need it since you’re a beginner.
  • Thai pads. Pad workouts are one of the most essential forms of training in Muay Thai.Make sure that you own a pair.
  • Shorts and shirt. Of course, you’ll want to be wearing the proper training gear for Muay Thai, especially the shorts. Look for the ones that’s made specifically for Muay Thai so that you have enough freedom of movement to perform all your strikes.

There you have it. 7 essential training gears that you’ll want to invest in as soon as you start your Muay Thai training.

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