7 Essential Muay Thai Training Tips

Whether you’re training for fun or as a means of becoming a professional fighter someday, you’re bound to start from the bottom. Everybody, even the most talented fighters in the world, has and had to go through that.


Still, despite how hard the start can be, it helps to have a few nuggets of wisdom to help you get your training right.

Listed below are such tips that should help make sure that you have a good start on your Muay Thai training.

  1. Do Your Homework. By homework, I mean, do your research. Joining the right gym goes a long way towards how much you’ll improve during your training. In Muay Thai, for example, many NakMuays will swear by just how great training in Thailand is. But, since not everyone can afford to go to Thailand (or aren’t willing to), you’ll have to make sure that you do your research right.
  1. As a newbie, you’re bound to take stretching lately, but pro fighters will be the first to tell you not to do so. Flexibility is key to succeeding in any combat sport, especially in Muay Thai. Do your stretches before and after training. If possible, try to sneak in a couple of stretches every now and then so as to improve your flexibility.
  1. Skip the weights. In Muay Thai, you can’t just overpower your opponent. In fact, being burly or bulky will put you at a disadvantage at times as it may make you less flexible, or much bigger of a target. While skipping weights totally isn’t recommended, it’s best not to focus on building bulging muscles.
  1. Eat right. A professional Muay Thai fighter is built in the gym and in the kitchen. Regardless of how often and how intense you train, it’ll be all for naught if you aren’t taking proper care of your body. Drink plenty of water, eat fruits and vegetables and try to focus on a diet that’s high in protein, as well as carbs and healthy fat.
  1. Watch fights. The more you watch fights, the more you’re able to visualize yourself as being the one fighting. This will serve as your initial motivation to get better. As you watch more fights, try to be a bit more analytical and look for ways that each one of the fighters could’ve improved on. Doing so should translate to an analytical mind in the ring, which is a huge asset to have when the real thing comes.
  1. Stick to the basics. Jabs, hooks, crosses, kicks, knees and so on don’t look as cool as spinning back kicks, but there’s a reason why pros value the basics over the more complicated ones. It’s because they work. And, if it’s working for them, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t for you, right?
  1. Be prepared to spend. Cheap gear will only get you so far and not spending on shin guards will definitely take you places, such as the hospital. While shin guards, mouth pieces, and a nice pair of gloves aren’t cheap, they are well worth the investment.

Training in Muay Thai takes hard work, guts and discipline. Hopefully, though, these tips will make the harsh road to becoming a better NakMuay a bit easier.

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