7 Things That Should Always Be in Your Training Bag

Getting the most out of your Muay Thai training isn’t easy, especially if you aren’t willing to shell out the money for it. I know, I know, membership can be quite expensive and it’s not as if you can’t train without all the “required” training gear that people speak of. But, the fact is, when training Muay Thai, there are a few gears and accessories that are considered as “MUST HAVES”, meaning that you shouldn’t go training without them.

To know more about what training gear and accessories I’m talking about, be sure to read on below. This is especially important if you’re new to Muay Thai.


  1. Muay Thai Shorts. These shorts aren’t your typical shorts. They’re like the short shorts that girls wear, but only much more comfortable and lighter to wear. The way authentic Muay Thai shorts are designed is to make sure that the fighter has enough room to throw kicks and move around as they please.
  1. Hand Wraps. Lots of people don’t like wearing these because of how much of a hassle they are to take off and wear. But, when training, hand wraps help a lot by protecting your wrists from injury. It also provides additional cushioning for your knuckles, which we all know you need for all the punching you’re going to do while you train.
  1. Get 16 oz. gloves as a start and as you go on with your training, be sure to ask your instructor about the right size for drill work, sparring and matches.
  1. Mouth Guards. If you don’t want to lose your teeth while training, you’re going to trust me on this and buy yourself a good mouth guard. Get a custom one if you can afford it so it fits your teeth and mouth perfectly.
  1. Shin Guards. Shin guards protect your feet and shins, allowing you to practice more without the risk of bruising or even injuring yourself.
  1. Groin Protection. This isn’t exactly all too necessary, especially if you’re still starting out. But, let’s face it. No man wants to get hit in the groin, EVER.
  1. Headgear or Skipping Rope. This is more of a toss-up between the two. If you’re planning on cross training in boxing, then a headgear is definitely something you’d want to buy. Even if not, it helps to have added protection when sparring. A skip rope is also quite useful, especially for those who want to work on their footwork. Either way, buying one or the other is going to help you, but buying both is definitely a better choice.

To train much harder than ever before, you’d need the proper training gear to take you places. Sure, they’re not going to be cheap, but they’re also worthy investments. You won’t see the benefits immediately if you’re still starting out, but months and years later, you’ll realize just how much of a difference the proper gear has made in your training.

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