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7 Reasons Why Women Need to Train in Muay Thai

It’s often said these days that we should start teaching our boys and men to stop raping women. Though, when you think about, who ever said that women shouldn’t try to, at least, protect

5 Stupid Mistakes To Avoid Making When Training in Muay Thai

Muay Thai is built to be a pretty simple, yet effective martial art. In fact, its principles, as well as its main philosophies are centered on basic, solid substance, as opposed to showing off.

7 Essential Muay Thai Training Tips

Whether you’re training for fun or as a means of becoming a professional fighter someday, you’re bound to start from the bottom. Everybody, even the most talented fighters in the world, has and had

7 Things That Should Always Be in Your Training Bag

Getting the most out of your Muay Thai training isn’t easy, especially if you aren’t willing to shell out the money for it. I know, I know, membership can be quite expensive and it’s

6 Reasons To Take Up And Train in Muay Thai

Most people, when it comes to physical activity, tend to favour conventional sports and weight lifting over pretty much anything else. Martial arts come in at a close third, or even second, but that

3 Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated During Your Muay Thai Training

External motivation is easy to find. Do you want to knock that guy in the gym that’s almost always bullying you? Train hard and find a way to do so in the ring.

5 Most Common Mistakes Beginners Make in Muay Thai Training

Listed below are some of the most common mistakes beginners make in Muay Thai training. Those who are new to Muay Thai are encouraged to take note of these mistakes so as you can

4 Tips To Spar More Successfully in Muay Thai

Sparring is, what you could call, the heart of Muay Thai. Those who choose NOT to spar miss out a lot on what Muay Thai truly is, and that’s hand-to-hand combat. Sure, you can

The Importance of Sparring in Muay Thai Training

When it comes to Martial Arts (not just in Muay Thai, sparring isn’t exactly that much of a necessity. In fact, it’s more of a choice than an obligation. Anyone is free to choose

Tips For Training Muay Thai Alone in the Gym

It’s almost an unspoken rule in any martial art that one should never practice alone. After all, what could you do on your own? Sparring with someone is the best way to practice as