Five Reasons Why You Should Encourage Your Child to Take Up Muay Thai

Many parents often shy away from making their kids participate in contact sports. They think that it’s not going to benefit them one bit, which isn’t exactly the case.


Regardless of whether your kid has attitude problems, or a bit too shy, or too hyper, taking up martial arts such as Muay Thai can help your child learn many of life’s most important lessons.

  1. Increased activity. In case you haven’t noticed, the world has a serious problem with child obesity. So serious, in fact, that many experts have resorted to calling it as an epidemic. This is mostly because of the lack of physical activity in today’s youth and enrolling your child in any martial arts class could help change that.
  1. Learning how to focus. Compared to other physical fitness gyms, the areas where martial arts classes are held are often quiet. You’ll rarely find TVs, or loud music there. Instead, you’ll see matted flooring and people who are there to just focus on their training. Teaching your child the importance of focus and concentration at an early age could do wonders in him growing up to be much more mentally ready for the challenges he or she will undoubtedly face in life.
  1. Confidence and respect.Every martial artist is taught respect and true confidence, two things that many children today lack and sometimes, we, the parents can’t always find the time to properly instill such values in them. The right martial arts school will help you with that and will teach your child humility. Your child will also learn to be much more confident and have more respect towards other people.
  1. The essence of breathing. Ask any successful professional out there and they’ll tell you that the secret to their success is how they’ve learned to breathe properly. Sure, we all know how to breathe, but in martial arts, you’re taught how to do so properly. Though, not exclusive to this sort of physical activity, martial arts school emphasizes proper breathing and how to use it to remain calm, even when under immense pressure. Such a skill could save your child’s life one day, and perhaps, you may even pick up a few pointers from your child as well.
  1. Physical and mental awareness. Something that isn’t taught in the typical gym is how to be physically and mentally aware. In contrast, that’s one of the things that martial arts schools emphasize. Sure, your kid will be taught the many kicks, punches and other combinations that they could certainly use to take bullies down. But, more importantly, your child is taught how to face his or her fears and be brave in the face of adversity.

Agreed, children have no business fighting. Though, martial arts classes aren’t about that. Whether it’s Muay Thai, Karate, Kung Fu, Aikido, or Taekwondo, enrolling your child in any martial arts class is sure to benefit them in more ways than you can imagine.

Who knows, you might even be encouraged to take up martial arts yourself after seeing the many improvements doing so has brought upon your child.

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