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6 Reasons To Take Up And Train in Muay Thai

Most people, when it comes to physical activity, tend to favour conventional sports and weight lifting over pretty much anything else. Martial arts come in at a close third, or even second, but that

5 Reasons You Should Be Taking Up Muay Thai Right Now

There’s a common belief that any form of martial arts, such as Muay Thai, is only good for self defense. And, while that may be true, self defense isn’t the only reason why one

5 Benefits of Muay Thai in Kids

Martial arts aren’t the first curricular activity that many parents want to teach their children. But, the truth is, it’s something that they should be considering, especially in this world today, where child obesity

3 Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated During Your Muay Thai Training

External motivation is easy to find. Do you want to knock that guy in the gym that’s almost always bullying you? Train hard and find a way to do so in the ring.